Home-Made Sausages and Northern-Style Curry | Chiang Rai, Thailand


Just a few minutes walk from the golden clocktower in Chiang Rai in main street, there’s this restaurant called “Barrab”. Covered with dark brown wooden wall and tables, the place has a modern atmosphere, not like other local restaurant with simple chair and tables. Sitting in front of the table, I noticed so many different kinds of bills and coins from around the world under the table glass, seemed this restaurant is popular among travelers.


Listened to staff’s description of food, we ordered Northern-style beef curry with ginger and some home-made sausages, as recommended on the menu, and chicken cashew nut for me, as always. (I know I need to try something different but always ended up ordering my favorite haha)


With a bottle of Chang beer in a hand, we enjoyed our meal. Every time I chew sausages I taste different vegetables and meat, and I liked the little bit of spiciness from black peppers. They went so well with beers, couldn’t stop tasting them together. Also the curry was good. I was craving beef since I didn’t have it for a long time, so I savored it with curry soup. It was a little spicy for me, but was really good at the same time.

Home-made sausages are one of my favorite food in north. I often saw street vendors selling them, and they were variety of kinds. If you have any chance to come up north, I recommend you to try one of them. You may or may not find your favorite!

Where we ate: Barrab (Google Maps)

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11 thoughts on “Home-Made Sausages and Northern-Style Curry | Chiang Rai, Thailand

  1. Hi Arisa!

    I’m heading to Thailand and Singapore next month! I was wondering if you can recommend places/food (especially) that I MUST try out/go to and what is overrated that I wouldn’t be so bummed if I miss out on it!

    Thanks so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your comment! I’m super excited to hear that you are visiting Thailand! I’m so jealous haha. As for recommendation, I suggest you to try Pad Thai, a very popular Thai noodle 🙂 I wrote a post about it at the very beginning of this blog, so feel free to check it out! Also, for accommodation, I would say on Samsen road. Just 10 min walk from khaosan road, but very quiet neiborhood, and delicious local restaurants! xD Let me know how your trip turned out, I would be so happy to hear it 🙂


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