Best Thai Food in Thailand | Little Eden Guesthouse, Pangmapha


Gai Phat Kaeng Kari: Chicken with Coconut Cream & Curry with Rice (90B)

During our scooter trip around Northern Thailand, my boyfriend and I found a guesthouse in a small town, Pang Mapha (Sop Pong), on the way to Pai from Mae Hong Song. The place was in the middle of nowhere, where no tourist is around. We were driving the road noticing local gas stations aside, and all of a sudden, we found the place. It was owned by Thai lady and her Dutch husband, so the rooms and bungalows looked European themed.


Reception/Restaurant of Little Eden Guesthouse

The Thai owner cooks all the food in here. When I first tried the dish, I was shocked because it was so delicious, more than any of the dishes I had in the past 10 months living in Thailand. Maybe because I was starved, but something was totally different. I was wondering what makes them so good, and I noticed there were corianders in almost every dishes.

Chicken Rice Soup: Traditional Thai Breakfast

Chicken Rice Soup: Traditional Thai Breakfast

When it comes to coriander, I personally don’t like it. Coriander alone has a strong flavor and can change the whole plate into a different one. But as with other spices and herbs, it makes the best. Mixed with other flavors, I didn’t even noticed there were corianders in it. I just felt a lot of different tastes in my mouth, and it was so delicious.

Tofu Oup: Fried Tofu with Eggs & Rice (70B)

Tofu Oup: Fried Tofu with Eggs & Rice (70B)

There are not only dishes on the menu the Thai lady cooks, but also home-made fudge brownies and carrot cakes. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to try them last time, but if you have any chance to drop by, let me know how it goes!

Breakfast table

Breakfast table

Bungalows: 400B/night-

Address: 295 Moo 1, T. Soppong, Pangmapha, Mae Hong Son 58150 Thailand (Google Maps)

Go to: Little Eden Guesthouse WebsiteLittle Eden Guesthouse Facebook Page


46 thoughts on “Best Thai Food in Thailand | Little Eden Guesthouse, Pangmapha

  1. Hi thanks for the ‘follow’. I also love Thai cuisines. Sadly, not much choices where I’m at at the moment so foodie blogs will have to do haha. I look forward to your future foodie adventures.

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  2. I love the last, black and white photo – so artsy! haha But actually, I’m really interested in your theory on coriander. I really dislike cilantro/coriander myself and find that I avoid dishes that otherwise sound intriguing because of the stupid little herb. I’ll have to give it another chance if there are enough other ingredients, I guess.

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  3. It looks like so delicious foods and great place, especially when there no present of tourist (even though I’m a tourist when in Thailand). 😀 Great picture.

    And, thank you for stopping by my blog and following. I’m looking forward any updates from you. 🙂

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